Already in the beginning of our business career, given the demand from our customers, we decided to open a Department of Restorations. There were many who were asking us to give new life to your old lamps, some of them more than a century. His typology was from large crystal chandeliers arms, spiders bronzes without glass, but which were its characteristics were had in common the value that gave them over time. Like an old painting her beauty was formidable and completion of a perfection that no longer lamps are this magnitude.

  At present, our Restorations Department has acquired an enormous importance because people today is more aware of the value of antiques. In addition to the restoration of chandeliers and bronze, also we dedicated to the restoration of all types of ancient bronze objects and other metals, such as cash registers and wall clocks.

   In the restoration workshop we recover the original appearance of the pieces that bring us.

   Are very fond cases in which an elderly man remembers how the lamp will deliver restored has the same appearance that originally, when hung in his childhood home.

   We will explain briefly how the process of restoration, for an idea of ​​our work are met: First, when someone calls us asking us to restore his lamp, apply, or old, come to your home to do a preliminary study, see their status, their size, damage, and other technical details in order to give a budget without any commitment. If the customer lives in another place or community, we can send the piece and in our workshop, do the study. Regarding prices, they vary greatly depending on the particular characteristics of the lamp and what the client wants to do. Each piece is a world apart, no two are alike. The next thing we do is completely disassemble the object or eliminate spider and the old and socket cables. Already loose, bronzes undergo polished or gold plated and lacquered, as external protection. Glass parts are cleaned internally and externally. It is then reassembled with all cables and new lamp holders, and those parts that are damaged are replaced or rebuilt, depending on the cases.

   Here are some of the main steps, but how we have already noted, each lamp is a unique jewel and how that requires special care.

   How says the popular saying "to show a button", so we expose below a series of some of our work, before and after concluding them, so judge for yourself.


                                    BEFORE                             AFTER










   Our most prestigious restorations will find the large crystal chandelier belonging to a Historic House Estrada in Bimenes (Asturias). Not only we gave new life to the lamp, but with pieces that were removed devised a gorgeous chandelier with matching chandelier. Here we present some photos of that work.



   Also worth mentioning is the enormous bronze lamp of the Church of Santa Dorotea de Barro (Balmori - Llanes).



    Also, we have restored the old Murano glass chandelier and bohemian belonging to the Church of San Antonio Abad, located in the parish of Foz de Morcín.


   Finally, we emphasize the restoration we make lamp Empire style decorated in the early twentieth century Palace-House of Huelva, better known as "Palace of Litri".

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