All our chandeliers are made using traditional methods, so we are unequaled pieces.

  We present our Catalog of Lamps. Little by little we will expand the list of pictures, introducing new models, which are process creation, everything to continue delighting our audience, with the same enthusiasm as always.

   On the other hand, in the "Custom Designs" section we explain the procedure by which design specific models, custom made, depending on the wishes of our customers.

  In cases where our clients reside in other regions or countries we send them their lamps properly protected in boxes as through a courier company / transport.

   In ROCALAMP, we have made a great effort to adapt to current tastes, so we have two product lines. A "Classic Line", with models provided the second "Line New Times", with bolder designs, according to the latest trends in artistic design.

-New Time Line-

-Custom Designs-


    We offer also our line of jewelry, to bring style everywhere:



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