In this section you will find, as its title indicates, a number of tips for buying lamps and, especially, about the Swarovski crystal. These simple tips which we will publish here periodically will help them recognize quality and demand it at all times. In turn they will be prepared to not fool them with a product, for one thing it is not. For example, giving a crystal low quality, assuring them that is Swarovski.  


    Today, many establishments specializing in glass lamps, which offer the customer glass of low quality, as if it were genuine Swarovski crystal. This is due to the ignorance of some, about the product they sell and lies of others, who want to give iron for gold, you know what I mean.

   Basis of these assumptions, we will give a few tips for when you go to purchase a Swarovski crystal chandelier, do not cheat and you may demand the highest quality:

   First, one of the characteristics of Swarovski crystal is its apparent brightness. By bringing a stone to the eye appear within it, the colors of the rainbow with all its intensity. If the stone offered is of inferior quality, these colors do not appear, or appear very faint and lifeless.

   Genuine Swarovski crystal lamp, shines brightly and colorful, when lit, the rest only emit light, but not the increase.


   Second, inside Swarovski, there are two ranges of glass. The normal range, Spectra, and the high range, Strass. The differences between the two is that the second is even brighter. If I mention this is because the Strass range, have in all its parts a small symbol, laser engraving, pyramid-shaped. If they sell Strass and do not find this brand within each piece, they are not telling the truth.

  Other evidence that they are buying lamps Swarovski, is the label. The house of Austria, sends specific tags, a seal of quality that are offering quality. If the seller claims them it is crystal Swarovski and do not carry this label is not true. Whenever you buy a lamp of this quality, demand label.

   Finally, the weight is another quality test. Swarovski pieces weigh much, compared with single crystal stones. This is due to its high lead content, which approaches the diamond.

  However, the above will be in good position to know the quality. However, I assure you that the easiest way to distinguish different brand Swarovski, is to contemplate two lamps of different quality. When the brightness of this crystal is known, it is difficult to forget.

   We hope these tips have been very useful to them.

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